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Gowalla Goes Out with Facebook Places

It’s been about a year since we added Facebook Connect support and the Post to Facebook feature to Gowalla. We’ve always enjoyed seeing stamps from our friends’s Passports show up on the Facebook newsfeed. So when we were given the opportunity to pilot the new Facebook Places API we jumped at the opportunity to layer the richness of Gowalla on top of Facebook’s social features in a new way.

Of course, last night we announced Gowalla’s integration with the Facebook Places product which—at the time of this post—is beginning to roll out to Facebook users. For those who already post the occasional check-in from Gowalla to Facebook, the experience is going to be very similar.

Check-ins posted from Gowalla to Facebook will still feature our beautiful Passport Stamps, the photos you’ve taken, and the comments you leave. The only difference is that these check-ins will now also appear in Facebook Places within Facebook’s iPhone app and at touch.facebook.com.

If Facebook Places is not available in your city, state, region or hamlet yet, Gowalla should post status updates as normal. And, as Facebook Places will only be available in the US initially, it appears as though Gowalla may be the only way for international users to check in on Facebook for a while. Hopefully you’ll give it a try!

As Gowalla grows, we will continue to provide an amazing service that enables you to share your favorite places, events, photos and trips with your friends—regardless of whether they’re on Gowalla or other networks like Facebook and Twitter. We’re looking forward to working with both of these services, and likely others as well, in the future.

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