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Gowalla Goes out with TOMS Shoes and AT&T to Celebrate the One Millionth Shoe Drop

You probably have already heard of TOMS Shoes and the wonderful work they do around the world: when you purchase a pair of TOMS shoes, one pair of new shoes is given to a child in need. The shoes are given worldwide, in countries like Argentina, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Guatemala, Haiti, and even in the United States. TOMS is quickly approaching an astonishing milestone: the one millionth pair of shoes given away as a result of the One for One program!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, TOMS and AT&T have joined forces with Gowalla to give away some fabulous prizes! Thanks to AT&T, Gowalla users are eligible to win the following items by checking in at electronic and apparel Spots in the U.S.:

  • One of 1,000 pairs of TOMS shoes
  • An AT&T smartphone or netbook
  • The fantastic grand prize: a trip to attend the one millionth shoe drop in Argentina in September for a winner and a guest!

Prizes will be hidden throughout various locations on Gowalla from August 16-29th. The first time you check in at a participating location on or after August 16th, you’ll see a screen that lets you know you’ve been entered to potentially win a trip to Argentina for the one millionth shoe drop (every check-in after that will be a normal check-in process). After that screen you’ll hit the “Next” button to learn if you’ve won a pair of TOMS Shoes, or a smartphone or netbook from AT&T—if so, a success screen will announce that we’ve sent you an email with more details to your email address on file with Gowalla. Winners will be chosen randomly, and the winner of the trip to Argentina for the 1,000,000th shoe drop will be chose on or about August 30th. Win TOMS Shoes, AT&T smartphones and netbooks, or a trip to Argentina on Gowalla!

Everyone who finds a TOMS Shoes item on Gowalla will receive an email with a code for $5 off the purchase of a pair of shoes at http://TOMS.com! Additionally, TOMS has put together a great Gowalla Trip which we’re featuring: take the TOMS History Trip to learn about a few of the spots that have been integral in the company’s growth over the past four years and gain insight into TOMS Shoes culture (taco shops and surf spots included).

A big thanks to TOMS Shoes, and to AT&T for pulling the fun stuff together! We’re stoked to be involved on this project, as we’ve been fans for quite a while. We hope you’ll enjoy going out with TOMS and AT&T and Gowalla, as much as we’ve enjoyed our part in this excellent promo! Don’t forget, Gowalla is available in app form for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Palm devices, iPad, and iPod Touch. If you or a friend haven’t downloaded it yet, ‘tis super easy: simply point your mobile browser to http://gowalla.com to be prompted to download the applicable version for your smartphone or device. So grab your phone, get a friend, and go out with Gowalla for something extra special, as well as a chance to find some fabulous prizes!

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