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Street Team Elite

As Gowalla grows we’ve received plenty of requests from you — our beloved community — for tools to help you curate the spots in the neighborhoods around you. As a start, a few weeks ago we gave everyone the ability to edit and fine-tune the position and radius of spots you have created.

Today we’re expanding this feature a bit more to some folks that we like to call the Street Team Elite. We’ve already started doling out Street Team Elite status to dozens of our friends around the world, and we’ll continue to add more in the days to come.

Being Elite is more than simply rockin’ the orange or green t-shirt though. There is some epic responsibility that comes with this. Not only can Elite members edit spots in their area, they can also merge duplicates where they exist. If we commission you for this awesome responsibility, you’ll be charged with helping us make Gowalla excellent.

No pressure or anything.

We’ve begun to send out emails to new Elite members and will continue to send more in the days ahead. If you’d like to be considered for Street Team Elite, your responsibility for today is to create remarkable spots, add thoughtful—yet brief—descriptions, and in general make the spots you create yourself awesome. If you do these things, we’ll take notice.

Thanks for making Gowalla great.

Posted 4 years ago by team-gowalla

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