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Sundance Film Festival Goes Out with Gowalla

Sundance Film Festival, the country’s premier film festival, has teamed up with Gowalla for some serious fun!

Sundance is integrating Gowalla into the full Sundance experience to help attendees easily find friends and the “it” spots, share festival experiences, discover new places and uncover prizes along the way. This is the first complete immersive experience any film festival has done in the location services field, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. There’s a load of fun and ground-breaking stuff happening at Sundance with Gowalla, so buckle up:

Stamps, Pins & Items

First off, the stuff you might expect to see: Sundance commissioned custom stamps not only for the festival itself, but also all of the official venues. By the time Sundance kicks off in January, we’ll be looking at over 30 custom stamps. Some will be available at the venues themselves, and others will be time-limited and related to specific film premiers and events.

Where there are custom stamps, you’re usually going to find custom trip pins, and that’s definitely the case at Sundance. Visit the right spots, and you’ll be rewarded with special Sundance pins, yet another bragging right to commemorate your excellent time in Park City. One custom trip isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? 15 special Gowalla trips for Sundance, each highlight an interesting and fun side of the festival.

We’ll also be rolling out special items which will be hidden throughout town during Sundance, and which will be redeemable for some very special promotional items.

Party Like a VIP
When you go to Sundance, you want the full VIP treatment, and Gowalla has got you covered. For starters, transmedia artist Lance Weiler is hosting a private party with a world-famous DJ (yeah, you know who it is, but we’re gonna tell you later =^). The only way that you can get into the 100 person private show is through Gowalla. Additionally we’ll be hosting a VIP party with our friends at Sundance, and the only way to get an invite is to find one on Gowalla. 

Any true VIP travels in style, and what’s more stylish than free? We’ve teamed up with Southwest Airlines to fly 20 lucky people to Park City in January to become part of the Sundance Film Festival audience. All you have to do for your chance to win is check-in between December 8 and December 31, 2010 at any airport that flies direct to Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC). Free airline tickets? Yeah, we got that covered for you, no big deal. Additionally, each lucky winner will get a VIP screen pass to a sold-out screening of a film, cos that’s how you want to roll when you’re at Sundance. Oh, and you’re gonna wanna go ahead and follow Southwest Airlines on Gowalla, word to the wise.

Introducing the Gowalla Airstream
If you’ve been to SXSW, met us at another event, or followed our blog for very long, you probably already know about the existence of the Gowallamobile, our branded MINI Cooper Clubman. We often use it to give away swag and what not, but let’s face it, there’s not enough room for all the stuff we’d like to give away, and we’re pretty sure we could easily lose it in snow mounds. So, just in time for Sundance 2011, we’ll be unveiling the Gowalla Airstream trailer, which we will be towing up to Park City and using as headquarters for giving away some awesome goodies and meet-up spot, and which is also doubling as an official Sundance Information booth! The Airstream is still under wraps and is getting a massive makeover (we bought from ABC Studios—it had been a TV prop!), but if you want a teensie peak at the ‘Before’ look, click here.

In conclusion? Sundance is about story and experience, and as such is a perfect fit for Gowalla. We are thrilled to be working together with Sundance and others like Southwest Airlines to do something amazing for the film festival. We hope to see you there!

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