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Go with NASA and Gowalla to Discover the Moon

NASA Goes Out with Gowalla

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership we’re launching today: NASA has teamed up with Gowalla to create some fun new ways to go discover more about space exploration and NASA trips to the moon! The United States successfully brought lunar samples back to Earth during the Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 missions, and starting today, you can find moon rock items by checking in to any location where a real one is on display. You’ll also be able to find the NASA patch, spacesuit and space shuttles by checking in to NASA visitor centers, agency-related locations, or one of the more than 400 museums, science centers, planetariums, observatories, parks, nature centers, zoos and aquariums that are part of NASA’s Museum Alliance. 

Additionally, astronaut Mike Massimino is going to be using his Gowalla account to drop these special items around the country. Be sure to add him and NASA to your Gowalla connections:

Collect any three of the NASA items and you’ll get the NASA Pin. The fun doesn’t stop there: the first 100 people to get the NASA Pin will also win a special edition of the NASA + Gowalla map pictured above, Search for the Moon Rocks by JESS3, the creative agency who made the groovy map!

So get out there, space cadets, and find those moon rocks! Be sure to take along some friends or family and use this fun opportunity to learn more about the amazing and storied history of NASA and the U.S. space program.

For information about lunar sample display locations, visit: http://curator.jsc.nasa.gov/lunar/displays/displays.cfm

For more information about NASA’s Museum Alliance, visit: https://informal.jpl.nasa.gov/museum

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