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Introducing Gowalla U

School is back in session for everybody by now, and that includes Team Gowalla. We’re rolling out some fun initiatives for colleges and universities that we’re excited to share. To start with, we’re going to be making the rounds at a number of schools to do some recruiting. We’re a growing company and we’re looking for some cool cats who are ready to work on something remarkable that’s changing the way people share and discover. Our very first of these events happens this week, Wednesday, September 15 at the University of California at Berkeley. Look for Sherry, Mattt and Sandi on-campus (hint: look for the totally rad Gowalla/UC mashup shirts they’ll be wearing and giving away!), and make plans to hang out with us that evening at Jupiter for some fresh pizza and completely sick micro-brews. Our list of schools isn’t finalized yet, but here are the first few:

  • UC Berkeley, September 15
  • University of Texas (Engineering School), September 21-22
  • MIT, September 23rd
  • Harvard, September 24th
  • Stanford, October 5th

Your school not on the list? Have an school event you’d like to see us show up for? Shoot us an email: campus {a t] gowalla dot com, subject line: Gowalla U We’re also starting to ramp up our on-campus rep program! Are you currently enrolled in Uni and love rocking Gowalla? Send us an email and tell us:

  • Which school you’re at
  • What your major is
  • Any other involvement (Greek house, athletics, hotdog-eating contests, etc.) you’re syked about
  • Your mailing address

If you’re up for helping us rocking Gowalla on your campus, we definitely want to hear from you, and we’re also going to send you a starter box of goodies for your campus.

Look for more from Gowalla U in the coming weeks!

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