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New Trip Tools and Options!

The Trips feature is one of our favorites on Gowalla, and it’s also a favorite of users, universities, businesses, non-profit organizations, you name it. Something we’ve been meaning to knock out for a while and have finally gotten around to is making Trip creation an easier and smoother process, and we’re rolling it out today.

To begin with, there’s a beautiful new way to create a Trip that makes it much easier and puts everything on one screen. Start by going to http://gowalla.com/trips. You’ll notice a new ‘Create a Trip’ box in the right sidebar, which takes you to a fun new Trip creation page:

Once you’ve named your Trip and added a Trip category and description, you’ll find that adding Spots is now much easier. Simply click on the Add a Spot button, and then start searching for the name of the Spot you want to add!

Some other great new Trips features have rolled out today as well:

  • Bookmark any Trip that you want to complete - now you don’t have to be someone’s friend on Gowalla to complete their Trips (great for conferences, campus trips, etc.)
  • You can promote your Trip to Twitter friends and elsewhere without having to add everyone as a friend
  • Clicking on “Take this Trip” on any Trip page will add the Trip on your phone (Browse > Bookmarked Trips)
  • You can create a private Trip that only your friends will see

Check out all the fun at http://gowalla.com/trips. We hope these new tools inspire you to make and take even more groovy Trips with Gowalla. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Posted 4 years ago by killerrobot

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