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Ever since we released Gowalla for iPad several months ago we’ve been imagining new ways to visualize the relationships our friends have with places. Check-ins and Photos are two unique lenses we’re already using to look at people and places. Trips are another one. Today we’re excited to introduce Highlights.

Highlights are like little rewards you can give to places that are important to your life. Some are quite straightforward and practical like Best Cup (of Coffee). Some are a bit more esoteric or inspirational like My Happy Place and Scenic-At-Night. Regardless, they’re all fun. We’ve launched the feature with 18 unique Highlights and more will be added—hopefully inspired by your suggestions!

Today you’ll be able to add your Highlights and view your friends’ Highlights on our website. We’ll be adding the feature soon to our mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Imagine checking in to learn that a good friend proposed nearby or has a suggestion on where to go to catch the best sunset ever.

I hope you enjoy Highlights as much as we’re enjoying them now. Take 5 minutes to add a few today and invite your friends to do the same. You never know what you’ll learn about each other!

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